Soulstice Group creates the spark for growth and renewal that transforms lives, teams and organizations.  We are committed to cultivating learning and growth, courage and compassion, trust and connection in all that we do.

Transformation begins with you.

We all get stuck in patterns, situations, and perspectives.  We struggle to figure out what’s next and how to move forward.  Soulstice Group helps you determine what’s in your way, clear those obstacles, and find your best future path.  So, what are you waiting for?

What do we transform? 

People’s lives, team performance, and organizational culture.

People’s lives
 – Our lives have become increasingly busy and complex. For those seeking self-renewal, personal growth, or greater connection, Soulstice Group provides a safe and supportive community for exploration. Come join us in:

  • Discovering how to live in a more wholehearted and authentic way.
  • Building resilience by understanding your setbacks and charting your path to success.
  • Defining your purpose and meaning as you navigate the next phase of life.

Team performance
 – Teams do their finest work in a safe and trusting environment. Tap into Soulstice Group to learn how to position your teams for greater satisfaction, effectiveness, and success.  Areas of focus include:

  • Elevating creativity and innovation for greater impact and better results.
  • Defining norms that leverage the full talent on your team.
  • Creating "psychological safety" in your workplace.

    Organizational Culture
    – These days, we are all required to do more with less. Customer demands increase while available resources decrease. How will your organization’s culture drive high performance?  Contact Soulstice Group to begin:

    • Experiencing the impact of vulnerability-based trust.
    • Promoting courageous leadership throughout your organization.
    • Anchoring your culture and leadership in a defined set of core values.

    How do we create transformation?


    We all need help in certain areas of growth as new situations arise and our realities shift. We offer coaching that changes lives in very meaningful ways.  


    We all face different challenges in our daily work lives.  These highly-interactive programs are tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.  


    Through these communities we can feel like we belong.  Our groups allow people to stay connected while doing their own important work.  

    “The workshop empowered me to make connections with other people who were working through some of the same feelings and challenges I was experiencing.  I found the teachings of Brené Brown to be very inspirational, and I was able to create tangible ‘next steps’ for myself on what I would do differently going forward in terms of my daily behaviors.  I’m grateful to Cathy and Cathe for facilitating a meaningful workshop which really moved me forward on my journey of self-discovery … thank you, ladies!”

    — 2017 Daring Way Workshop Participant

    About Us

    Cathy Ach
    Cathy is a highly-experienced business consultant and certified coach committed to helping people live their lives with greater courage, compassion and fulfillment. 

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    Cathe Russe
    Cathe is a seasoned entrepreneur and specialty coach who is passionate about  opening the door to greater life purpose for those with whom she works. 

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    Cathe & Cathy