What makes us different?

We understand that getting to your destination can be hard.  There is simply not enough time.  In this age of accelerated change, the pace of life can be overwhelming.  So, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.  Drawing on dozens of innovative thinkers in the areas of leadership, personal development, spiritual growth, and mindfulness, Soulstice Group offers a range of solutions to take you where you want to go.

We are invested in changing lives.  With focus and intention, we believe everyone can do amazing things.  Finding the right path for you can be daunting.  Through customized experiences, Soulstice Group can guide you in figuring out how to bring your whole self to everything you do.  We invite you to tap into your dreams and fulfill your aspirations.


We offer one-on-one, team and peer coaching to help people integrate core concepts, adjust their mindset and modify key behaviors. 


We provide offsites, retreats, workshops, and keynote sessions to raise awareness, challenge assumptions and meet targeted needs.  Let us know how we can help. 


Through these communities we extend learning and growth, ensure follow-through and impact, and encourage sharing of successes and struggles.

“Participating in the workshop allowed me to give myself permission to be who I am and come away with a map (that I built!) to help me get where I’m trying to go … with an added bonus of an amazing ‘connected’ experience with other like-minded people.  I literally recall my takeaways from these sessions on a daily basis which makes integrating them into my life a reality.” 

— 2016 Daring Way Workshop Participant