Cathy Ach

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Cathy Ach, Co-Founder & Principal

Cathy Ach is the Co-Founder and Principal of Soulstice Group LLC, a specialty coaching practice focused on transforming people’s lives, team performance and organizational culture.  She became certified in 2015 as a Daring Way Facilitator in both of Brené Brown’s programs, Daring Way and Rising Strong, and has experienced the profound impact of this work on her own life.  She has also built a strong connection between this work and her well-established coaching and consulting practice by helping leaders enhance their authenticity and dramatically increase their overall effectiveness. In 2016, Cathy started offering a series of highly interactive workshops with her business partner, Cathe Russe.  These programs are designed to support people in transforming their lives so they can more fully pursue their life purpose and long-term goals.     

What inspired you to start this new business?

I seemed to come across more and more people – inside and outside of organizations – who were looking to live their lives with more meaningful connections, a greater sense of purpose and a fuller understanding of their impact on the world.  After doing a tremendous amount of literary and empirical research in this space, Cathe Russe and I decided to start up this new venture together. 

What challenge do you most enjoy addressing with clients?

I love helping individuals, teams and organizations figure out how to “jump the curve” and take their performance to the next level. When people define their desired destination and put their creative energy behind it, they’re able to achieve amazing results!  Walking that path with them, both individually and collectively, is the most fulfilling part of what I do. 

What in your background qualifies you to do this work? 

In addition to being a seasoned entrepreneur and founder of a successful coaching and consulting firm for the last 17 years, I’ve had some important inflexions in my own life and enjoy sharing my story with others.  I’m also fascinated by people and love hearing them talk about both their successes and their struggles. We often discuss only what’s going well in our lives and not what’s most difficult. As a result, we frequently miss out on the opportunity to bring “our whole self” to what we do each day.  I’m committed to helping people live with more courage and compassion so they can find greater meaning and purpose in their daily existence.

What is the impact you’re hoping to achieve?

Ideally, I’d like to enable people and groups to unleash their spirit, tap into their true potential and reach the highest possible level of performance.  That’s the ultimate reward!  

"Eighteen months [after the workshop], we are a closer, more cohesive team -- more open, honest and trusting of one another.  Using the tools, language and skills from the program, we engage more bravely. Each of us is more willing to step into the hard conversations to solve problems."

— VP Human Resources, Global Automated Logistics Solutions Company
Cathe Russe

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Cathe Russe, Co-Founder & Principal

Cathe is the Co-Founder and Principal of Soulstice Group, LLC, a specialty coaching firm dedicated to transforming people’s lives, team performance and organizational culture. Before embarking on her own entrepreneurial venture in 2004, Cathe spent nearly three decades as an academic at Johns Hopkins University, a management consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton, and in-line and staff positions at Baxter Healthcare and Nestlé.  She is accomplished at leading strategic planning sessions, mentoring high performing teams, facilitating dynamic group processes and creating experiential learning programs. 

What inspired you to start this business?  My personal quest to intentionally consider how I wanted to spend the next twenty years of my career and life blossomed into offering this same focused exploration to others. Everywhere I turned people were expressing a yearning for greater connection, purpose and fulfillment in their lives.  I joined forces with my partner, Cathy Ach because we share a passion for learning, synthesizing content and bringing it forward to support personal and professional growth.  Soulstice Group offers the opportunity to do this deep work in community with others in a way that can transform all aspects of our lives.

What challenge do you most enjoy addressing with clients?  Life transitions can be hard, messy, and complex.  Our natural tendency is to move through them as fast as possible, perhaps feeling as little as possible.  Often we do so without allowing the space to grow and find a better, new beginning.  By embracing our imperfections we see that we are all a combination of strength and struggle.  I am energized by helping others see the role self-compassion, courage and intentionality plays in opening us to new possibilities.

What in your background qualifies you to do this work? With more than three decades of leading high performing teams, providing strategic insight and direction, and facilitating dynamic groups in non-profit organizations and global corporations I have a broad and varied perspective.  In 2013 I added to my skill base by becoming a certified Strengths™ Coach through The Gallup Organization.  I am willing to ask hard questions.  I listen intently to what is beneath the surface and diplomatically offer insight that can inspire a shift in thinking.   

What is the impact you're hoping to achieve?  I want to encourage people to rediscover and commit to their own power to change their lives.  Greater compassion and empathy allows us to think differently and explore what we want to intentionally pull forward into the next stage of our lives.   My passion is to create the safe space that will foster discovery of a more fulfilling life path.